Mission Statement
The journey for a young dancer starts with wonder, curiosity, joy and excitement of the discovery of something new. This experience is developed, nurtured and supported by the instructors at LANAE’S ACADEMY OF DANCE. The guiding principle of our Academy is to take our dancers’ curiosity and our instructors’ knowledge and open the door to the world of dance!
Dance is something that teaches children in ways that few other activities have the power to do. It builds confidence, poise, grace, and discipline. Dance education feeds the body, mind and soul. It encourages it’s participants to reach a little deeper to find a new and more intense meaning in music and movement. We are dedicated to developing talent in our dancers and teaching them a strong and solid foundation in technique. We will spend time recognizing who they are as individuals as well as dancers and performers and will build on those strengths.
At LANAE’S ACADEMY OF DANCE we strive to help each of our dancers reach their fullest potential and do so in a loving, encouraging and uplifting environment. It is our goal to instruct our dancers in dance, strong self-esteem, good character traits and a love and passion for dance that will last a lifetime!